Friday, 30 July 2010

AIDSPortal adventures at AIDS 2010!

AIDSPortal is pleased to report back a brilliant time at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna last week. We had a really busy busy time and are still catching our breath. It was a very exciting place full of energy, colour, insight and vast experience on civil society from all over the world and their experience and response to the AIDS epidemic. AIDSPortal’s main event was Tuesday’s Global Village Session entitled, “Beyond Access: using technology to create a space for community-led approaches to HIV and human rights”. We had 80 participants come and hear panelists speak about how they are using information communication technology (ICT) amongst communities in the response to HIV. Panelists included Sara Page from SAfAIDS, Alice Klein from the Key Correspondent Programme, Robinson Muigai from KANCO and David Cozac from AIDS Legal Exchange. Their presentations were followed by lively small group discussions about people’s experiences, ideas, challenges and questions about ICT and their work.

AIDSPortal had an exhibition booth (shared with the Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium) in the Global Village, which ended up being rather conveniently and strategically located to the ‘Community Café’. The café provided a.) free coffee and chocolate and b.) the opportunity for us to lure people to our booth who were queuing for free coffee and chocolate.

Needless to say the booth had a lot traffic and it served a good opportunity to highlight:

  1. the new regional website we’re just about ready to launch (in conjunction with SAfAIDS, AIDS Alliance, Soul City, UNAIDS, USAID and others)
  2. the new regional Eastern Africa site coming soon (in partnership with EANNASO)
  3. the re-launch of AIDSPortal Coming very soon!
People who dropped by were also able to sign up to email alerts for funding and employment opportunities (if you’re interested in doing the same please contact me

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Keeping children on the map: website on children and AIDS is launched

The Regional Inter-Agency Task Team on Children and AIDS – Eastern and Southern Africa (RIATT- ESA) has launched an information management website on children and AIDS for the region.

The RIATT-ESA website, is the only website which consolidates information and resources on children and AIDS for Eastern and Southern Africa. The website is a response to calls from many regional agencies for improved access to relevant information and better coordination around children and AIDS.

The website developed with technical support from AIDSPortal, features cutting edge articles on the latest developments and reports around children and AIDS. Users can also download and upload any number of region-specific resources, including research and policy reports as well as key frameworks, commitments and other relevant information for the region. Other features include a regional events calendar, discussion room opportunities for website members and useful links to other partners in the region.

Noreen M Huni, Director of East and Southern Africa’s NGO - Regional Psycho-Social Support Initiative - and RIATT-ESA Chairperson, said “By improving information management and coordination around children and AIDS in the region, RIATT is contributing to the goal of universal access for children to prevention, treatment, care and support.

RIATT-ESA is a multi-sectoral platform of regional political and economic bodies, civil society organisations, academia, donors and UN agencies responding to the situation of children affected by AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Friday, 9 July 2010

"Beyong Access: Using Technology to Create Spaces for Community-led Approaches to HIV and Human Rights"

Are you attending the International AIDS Conference in Vienna? If so you are warmly welcomed to take part in our Global Village Session:

The session will take place in:
Room 2, Global Village on Tuesday 20 July at 3– 4:30 pm

Topics and panelists include…

HIV & TB mapping in Kenya –Crowd-sourcing AIDS & TB services
Robinson Muigai, Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO)

Promoting effective development responses to the epidemic through HIV and AIDS knowledge management, capacity development, advocacy, policy analysis and documentation.
Sara Page, SAfAIDS - Citizen journalist project to help document local realities and give a voice to the voiceless.
Alice Klein, International AIDS Alliance

The panelists will take part in a discussion where you, the participants, will be free to ask questions and provide comment. The panel will be followed by small group discussions where you can delve into ideas related to ICT, human rights and HIV in more detail.

For further info contact

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rob and Anne's Arusha Adventure - the pursuit of an Eastern African Knowledge Platform

On Wednesday June 9 Rob Worthington, AIDSPortal Manager and Anne Babcock, AIDSPortal Facilitator for Eastern Africa set out on the long, bumpy and dusty bus ride from Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha, Tanzania. The scenery was great and we think we almost caught a glimpse of Kilimanjaro!

However, we didn’t venture to Tanzania just to go on safari, but to work with AIDSPortal, the Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS Service Organizations (EANNASO) EANNASO and AIDSPortal are collaborating on Eastern Africa Knowledge Management Initiative. The Eastern Africa Knowledge Management Initiative is part of the TACIT project (Tackling AIDS and TB Through Communication, Information Technology), a project implemented by numerous partners in Eastern and Southern Africa and lead by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

The main thrust of the Eastern Africa Knowledge Management Initiative is a regional collaborative, information sharing and social networking website called HIV Alert. HIV Alert will provide a dedicated space for individuals and organizations involved in the response to HIV and TB to share information and network one another. One of its key features will be to sign-up to email and SMS and Email alerts for new content relevant to you. This will help expand the reach of information to people who don’t have consistent internet access.

Additional features of HIV Alert will include:
•Contacts directory for people and organizations
•Document libraries – Toolkit, research, donor reports, best practice
•Events listing
•Job opportunities
•Funding opportunities
•Chat/instant messaging
•Country focused pages
•Video libraries
•Photos libraries

EANNASO and AIDSPortal are excited about progress made during our time in Arusha. We will be ready to launch HIV Alert in a few months. In preparation for the launch we’ll be holding a meeting in September in Nairobi for organizations who would like to learn more and get involved with the Eastern Africa Knowledge Management Initiative. To learn more please email me and watch this space for further project updates.

Thank you EANNASO for making our trip a success! To learn more about EANNASO’s work please visit

(HIV Alert is part of a 2 year European Commission funded programmes called TACIT - Tackling AIDS and TB Through Communication and Information Technology. It is a joint project lead by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Other partners include SAfAIDS, The Alliance Zambia, The Alliance Uganda and NANASO)