Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New AIDSPortal Governance Partnership

We are pleased to announce that AIDSPortal is becoming a joint initiative of the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Effective from July 1st, the partnership aims to provide AIDSPortal with the capacity needed to scale up support to partners. The AIDSPortal UK staff will be relocating to the International HIV/AIDS Alliance office in Brighton. The Consortium Secretariat and AIDSPortal team are very much looking forward to this exciting new partnership!

If you would like to find out more about the new governance partnership please contact beth@aidsportal.org

Thursday, 10 June 2010

AIDSPortal Website Re-launching Soon!

We are pleased to announce that the upgraded AIDSPortal site is being o
fficially launched at the International AIDS Conference 2010 in Vienna. AIDSPortal is bringing the power of social networking to the largest online community in the HIV & AIDS sector. Through the new website, you will be able to connect and share information with individuals, groups and organizations and experts across the world, working in the response to HIV and AIDS. You will continue to have free and anonymous access to the vast database of information, reports, jobs, events, latest news which is housed on the site. We are very excited about it and think you will be too!

The new AIDSPortal can offer you…

* Interactive profiles for individuals and groups (similar to Facebook). AIDSPortal will connect groups and communities as well as individuals and organizations!

* Customizable discussion groups which can include pictures and polls

* Customized micro-sites (mini web-sites) for community-based organizations without a website or web presence

* New web applications allowing you to feature content from AIDSPortal on your own website: including a Jobs Directory and a Funding database giving you instant and interactive content without ever leaving your website!

* Email alerts to stay informed

Watch this space to learn more!