Wednesday, 28 April 2010

AIDSPortal at AIDS 2010!

Are you attending the International AIDS Conference in Vienna? If so come and visit the AIDSPortal exhibition space in the Global Village where you can learn more about our work and the work or our partner organisations.

AIDSPortal and the Kenya AIDS NGOs Co
nsortium (KANCO) will also be running a joint Global Village Session "Beyond access: using technology to create spaces for community-led approaches to HIV and human rights". This session aims to demonstrate how technology offers unique ways of improving information sharing and networking among HIV and AIDS practitioners at a community level, leading not only to improved understanding by communities of the issues that affect them, but also increased ability to influence the programmes and policies that serve them. The session will involve a panel discussion with representatives from KANCO, SAfAIDS, Constellation for AIDS Competence (Kenya and India electronic resource sharing initiative), and (Citizen journalist project). Come along to this session to share and generate ideas that apply to your work!

Watch this space to find out more about AIDSPortal at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Looking for HIV/AIDS info for the Latin American Region?

Visit our sister site, PortalSIDA (, which continues to fill an important need for HIV information sharing and networking in Latin America. The Spanish language site now provides access to over 1,600 documents and 300 web-links related to the region. Users can browse the profiles of over 400 organisations, and connect with 725 members of the site.

In March, approximately 9,500 people visited the site, the majority of them from the Latin American region, including Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Peru.

At the CONCASIDA conference, held in March in Costa Rica, PortalSIDA led a satellite symposium called "PORTALSIDA: La comunidad de conocimientos en VIH/SIDA de América Latina".

Check out PortalSIDA's website now. Feel free to contact PortalSIDA at for more information or to get involved in their work.