Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Towards a commons for HIV and AIDS related information

The UNAIDS Civil Society Partnerships Unit and the AIDSPortal Initiative are convening a consultation on strengthening civil society database management.

The UNAIDS Secretariat does not manage a global database of NGOs and civil society organisations responding to HIV, the services they provide and associated resources such as tools and publications. However, there are a number of partners working in parallel to develop databases, interactive technology and electronic platforms to achieve such objectives. It is an important task to link these databases and initiatives and establish communication mechanisms between NGO-held databases and those held by UNAIDS country, regional and cosponsor's offices. This would allow us to know which organisations are doing what, in which country and with which groups or communities. This would make it possible to identify and consult with a representative group working in one country or on one issue. Organisations themselves would be able to identify potential partners, or refer people to those providing complementary services.

Do you want to get involved and discuss these ideas? Click here to visit the online discussion group on AIDSspace.


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