Monday, 21 December 2009

UNAIDS HIV Prevention Toolkit Feedback Meeting

AIDSPortal has been commissioned by UNAIDS to conduct an assessment and analysis of the ongoing maintenance
of the English version of the UNAIDS HIV Prevention Toolkit.

On Monday 9th November, AIDSPortal held a meeting to gather feedback and discuss the toolkit. The meeting was attended by 23 participants who represented government and civil society from seven regions and three UNAIDS co-sponsors agencies.

The meeting focused primarily on the content, usability and functionality of the Toolkit. Feedback from the participants indicated a clear demand for developing the toolkits content by including national resources on the Toolkit, such as national policy documents, tools and statistical information on HIV. A number of recommendations have been made to improve the usability of the toolkit through user prompts and better search functionality. Improvements to the self-assessment tools are also needed. Additionally, the Toolkit should consider ways of syndicating content and functionality (ie self assessment tools) via third party web sites. There was willingness from several participants to include Toolkit content or features on their websites via embedded widgets. There was also great interest in seeing the Toolkit available in multiple languages.

The participant’s views on the regional rollout and management of the Toolkit were also explored. They identified international, regional and national partners and events to assist with the rollout of the Toolkit. A number of events related to specific national regional or global processes were suggested. These included national HIV prevention planning processes, national strategy review processes and Global Fund proposal development processes. Participants also mentioned several global processes, including Global Fund monitoring and evaluation meetings, World Bank review processes and the UNAIDS Outcome Framework process.

Participants agreed that capacity building would be crucial to supporting the rollout of the Toolkit. There were two specific suggestions. First, that the Toolkit initially be rolled out in one or more pilot countries. Ideally these should be countries that are in the process of developing or updating an HIV prevention plan. Lessons from the trial can inform final changes to the Toolkit (before translation takes place) and the ongoing rollout. Second, that UNAIDS country offices should help facilitate sensitization sessions for key groups. Some of the groups mentioned included UNAIDS co-sponsors, the Global Fund CCM working group and the NAC working group. These groups are key to the successful rollout of the Toolkit at a national level. Finally, an investment should be made in training trainers in the use of the Toolkit.


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