Friday, 12 June 2009

Partner update: Key Health and Development Networks (HDN) programmes transfer to AIDSPortal

Following the sad news earlier this year that Health & Development Networks (HDN) had lost its core funding, the AIDSPortal has been working with HDN colleagues to put a plan in place to transfer key programmes to a range of partners, including the AIDSPortal.

Following the confirmation of arrangements with other partners and donors, AIDSPortal and HDN are now pleased to confirm which HDN programmes will be transferred to the International AIDS Alliance and many prgrammes will be hosted by AIDSPortal. Here is a breakdown:


HDN has been at the forefront of harnessing the power of on-line communications to facilitate dialogue and advocacy. AIDSPortal will host the tools. In addition, SAfAIDS will manage and moderate the Africa eForums, and there are plans underway to transition the management of the South East Asia eForum, SEA-AIDS to the 7 Sisters Network.

The AIDSPortal will work with the Alliance to manage and develop the tools used by Key Correspondents (i.e., providing user support and moderation skills and continue to collaborate with the Alliance and SAfAIDS to ensure global oversight.

Between now and the end of July 2009, a core team remains at HDN to continue the challenging work of documenting these key programmes into toolkits to enable a smooth transition to AIDSPortal and other partners.

National Partnership Platforms (NPPs)

The NPPs were developed by HDN with the aim of creating a national space for effective dialogue between civil society, government and other stakeholders – with a particular focus on transparency and accountability. Using information, dialogue, advocacy and documentation tools and approaches, they also aim to facilitate meaningful engagement between governments and civil society to monitor national AIDS and TB targets and milestones.

Three NPPs will be transferred to Alliance linking organisations in Zambia (Partners Zambia), Uganda (Partners Uganda) and Cambodia (Daiku Cambodia). Overall coordination and oversight of these NPPs, knowledge and learning across individual platforms, as well as integration with in-country key correspondent programmes, will be led by Alliance Secretariat. The Alliance will continue linkages with the other NPPs in Namibia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Thailand.

Key Correspondents

The Key Correspondents (KCs) are a network of 200 community-based writers who share stories from their communities to ensure community voices are heard in the response to HIV and TB and also aim to connect with policy makers to advocate for social and policy change.

Management and coordination of this programme will be fully transferred from HDN to the Alliance.

In recognition of the value and importance of this programme, the Alliance has committed funding for a new Key Correspondent Coordinator and a full-time Programme Assistant to be based in the Alliance Secretariat from July 2009.


HDN is well known for its work supporting people with HIV and TB. In order to ensure this expertise is maintained and maximised. HDN’s TB programme (led by Bobby Ramakant) will be based in Alliance India.

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To see more about the programmes described here visit the HDN website.