Thursday, 24 April 2008

PortalSIDA - Spanish and Portugeuse information on HIV and AIDS

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance and AIDSPortal have formed a partnership to develop PortalSIDA, a Spanish language knowledge sharing and networking website for the HIV community in Latin America.

PortalSIDA is the virtual component of a Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Knowledge Management Centre. It offers Latin American and the Caribbean organisations a place to access and share information about their work on HIV and AIDS and network with each other.

Through PortalSIDA you can:

* Electronically share, organise and access Spanish language information, including policy, best practice, programme experiences, events, and jobs

* Connect people and organisations involved in national responses to HIV and AIDS across Latin America and the spanish speaking caribbean

* Consult and provide feedback on key policy or programmatic topics

PortalSIDA is linked to the AIDSPortal, a global initiative that aims to facilitate greater knowledge sharing and networking among organisations involved in the response to HIV and AIDS. The AIDSPortal initiative develops or adapts simple tools that can support country-led networking and knowledge sharing. This includes the English language tools on AIDSPortal ( and the Spanish language tools ones in PortalSIDA (

The AIDSPortal initiative also links PortalSIDA with other regional initiatives (currently in Southern and Eastern Africa) in order to promote global knowledge sharing, facilitate south-south linkages and enable HIV professionals to identify emerging trends across regions. PortalSIDA will be launched at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico in August 2008.

If your organisation has information in Spanish you wish to share through the PortalSIDA, please send it to or login and upload it after the launch.


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